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How To Write A Dissertation

July 22nd, 2012

Dissertation writing is one of the most difficult tasks to do in a student’s life, if you are also in the difficult phase of dissertation writing, you should not be worried too much. Just read this article on “how to write a dissertation” having discussion about what a good dissertation is, how to write a dissertation and what should avoid when writing a dissertation.

Before going in deep discussion, I would like to mention the qualities of a good dissertation; A good dissertation should have have a clear objective, well planned, well researched, critically evaluated, correctly referenced  and grammatically correct.

Some Tips On How To Write A Dissertation

Select A Topic

Before writing a dissertation, you should research on internet or discuss with your supervisor to select the best topic to write on. Remember that you topic should be recent, research oriented and address the target audience, if it will not have these qualities, you can’t grab attention of the readers and even can’t get good marks in exams. After selecting a title of dissertation, you must review it for refining and making appropriate.

Planning and research

As dissertation writing is very time consuming process, so you must plan your dissertation writing in phases like; research, writing, drafting, add tables/graphs/charts, analysis, bibliography sand proofreading. Allocate time to each phase and try to track allocated time to complete your dissertation for on time submission.

Structure of dissertation

Another important thing to be discussed in this article on “how to write a dissertation” is standard structure of a dissertation. Although there are some variations in different formats of dissertation writing but the basic framework would be:

Title page having Title of dissertation, your name, course name, date and name of supervisor.

Abstract; that is a very little paragraph summarizing the whole dissertation.

Acknowledgements; showing thanks to those who assisted you during dissertation writing.

Table of contents; having Chapters, sections & sub-sections with page numbers.

Introduction; having presentation of your title/problem/thesis

Main body; main draft having facts and figures, evidence, analysis, assessment and discuss.
Conclusion; the last heading that stating your answer about the central question of the thesis Bibliography; correctly formatted list of sources from where you have gathered data.

Drafting of dissertation

Now, come towards drafting of dissertation; your dissertation should be well-researched, convincing and grammatically correct to grab attention of readers. It should not have irrelevant information and also should be formatted properly.

Process of Essay Writing

March 18th, 2011

Process of essay writing includes the following stages :

Research : The first and the foremost step in essay writing is research, discovering, interpreting and the development of methods by any means using internet , libraries, and the academic databases.

Analyzing : The arguments ,claims ,the evidence,logics of the information you have gathered.

Brain Storming : Take genuine ideas from your insight , get rid of irrelevant ideas and analyze the theme and essence these will be main  points  of  your  essay.

Thesis : Its impossible to write a good essay without clear thesis , create a thesis  which shows your clear ideas, position,attitude and serves as a premise in the argument.

Outline : Comprises  of  major points of arguments, sub points ,maping out structure of your argument .

Introduction : Should be convincing, intresting,clear and can grab readers attention.

Paragraphs : Sholud be supported assertation with  evidence, topic sentence and arguments it should be focused on single idea that support your thesis.

Conclusion: Summarizes the main ideas, end your essay on memorable thoughts.

Editing and proof reading:  Check style,grammar,tone and wording of your essay.